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  LiDAR Data Processing  

Mapping Program has chosen to use LIDAR to acquire new, highly accurate digital elevation data for floodplain mapping. LIDAR is better able to map bare earth elevations in forested or vegetated areas than other methods because only a single laser pulse needs to be able to reach between trees and the ground. LIDAR is a relatively new technological tool that can be used to accurately georeference terrain features.

GMS offers full of LiDAR data classification to  highly accurate digital elevation Model and Digital Surface Models .LiDAR services of GMS offers you high quality outputs.
We are classifying raw data into ground, low,vegetation, building, and other classes by using automatic macros.capable to classify both air born and terrestrial LiDAR data,Vector Mapping compilation & Power line classifications.Then we have a detailed quality check by our experienced staffs.

<b>Title : LiDAR Data Processing</b> <b>Title : LiDAR Data Processing</b> <b>Title : LiDAR Data Processing</b>
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