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Light sensor and street light control using Arduino is designed to measure the intensity of light or amount of light. Street light is controlled automatically with the help of the intensity of light and Arduino. Arduino UNO R3 is used in this project. Light-dependent resistor is used for the detection of light.


A single tracking system was used. It is cheaper, less complex and still achieves the required efficiency. In terms of costs and whether or not the system is supposed to be implemented by those that use solar panels, the system is viable. The increase in power is considerable and therefore worth the small increase in cost.

Solar Tracking with an Arduino Uno - Project Guidance

Hi! I and a friend are trying to build a solar tracker with solar panels. However, we have very limited knowledge on using Arduinos and coding, so we would like some guidance and advice with our project. So far, we have the following materials for our project: 1 Arduino Uno

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Virtual Prototyping of The Solar Tracking Systems: A research in the field of improving the efficiency of the solar energy conversion by using tracking systems is presented here.Main aim is to change the position of the solar panel correlated to the sun position for maximising the radiation degree of use.

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Arduino Based Auto Street Light Intensity Controller . ... Highway Lighting. Report No. FHWA-TS-82233. ... Design and implementation of CPLD based solar power saving system for street lights and ...

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Since solar energy is renewable, it is a good power source, especially for developing countries. In this project, I am going to show you how to make a solar tracker using Arduino Nano. The solar panel tracker is designed to follow the sun movement so that maximum light intensity hits on the solar panel, thus increasing the power efficiency.


The main objective of this paper is to improve solar tracker. The solar tracker can be used for several applications; these are solar cells, solar thermal arrays and solar day-lighting system. Nowadays, the highest efficiency of solar panel is 19%. So, the efficiency can be enhancing by using solar tracker. Albeit, the price of various solar ...

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Schematic of the Arduino Solar Tracker Circuit As you can see in the schematic all that you need to make the electrical part is the board, one servo, 2 LDRs and 2 x 10K resistors. Usually the servo has a yellow wire that is used to control the rotation and it must be connected on pin 9 on the board.

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The solar street lights use solar energy, a form of renewable energy. The project design is developed using solar panel and a rechargeable battery. The project is designed for LED based street lights with scheduled ON time control by an Arduino board using solar power from photovoltaic cells and the rechargeable battery.

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It also poses a serious threat to the villagers from physical hazards such as thieves, snakebites, etc. Installation of street lights may seem a pleasant option. Hence the best option is to install solar powered street lights and moving a step ahead, we designed this 'Solar Powered Smart Street Lighting System with IOT'.

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We can develop Solar Street light system with Automatic street light controller. The system can be powered from a battery, which can be charged during day time by harvesting the solar energy through a solar cell. The solar energy harvested from sunlight can be stored, inverted from DC voltage to AC voltage using sun tie converter.

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This Device makes the face of the solar panel always in front of the sun using DC Motor. For making this project we use LDR for tracking a light Intensity. And that analog value pass tom Arduino ...

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Circuit Diagram. The circuit design of solar tracker is simple but setting up the system must be done carefully. Four LDRs and Four 100KΩ resistors are connected in a voltage divider fashion and the output is given to 4 Analog input pins of Arduino.


PATIL ET. AL.: SOLAR ENERGY MONITORING SYSTEM USING IoT Indian J.Sci.Res. 15 (2): 149-155, 2017 PROPOSED WORK The main objective of this proposed work is to Power of the system can be monitor using the current and voltage value sensed by the arduino. The monitor of the solar energy system shows the power and energy usage.

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In this article we are going to make a Sun Tracking Solar Panel using Arduino, in which we will use two LDRs (Light dependent resistor) to sense the light and a servo motor to automatically rotate the solar panel in the direction of the sun light.


The designed solar tracker is able to maintain a difference angle of 1.5 degrees between the normal to the PV panel and the sun rays. The unit is a mobile system aimed to provide energy in remote areas or during emergency conditions. 1. INTRODUCTION Since this project is about creating a solar tracker, some light dependent circuit element

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Follow the sun with Arduino! In this tutorial, we'll be building an Arduino based Solar Tracking Turret. Most commonly, these are used in Photovoltaic systems to maximize the surface area of sun exposure on solar panels. This is an easy build, so let's get started! Step 1: Assemble the Turret

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tracking system are eliminated to simplify the design and reduce the cost. The square base of the solar tracker has been removed since the tracker does not need to be portable. Critical components, such as the bearings, linear actuator, elbows, conduit, PVC tubing, U bar, and various nuts and bolts have been retained.

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utilization) control of street light using various electrical as well as electronic components. The circuit named auto intensity control of street light with solar tracker is designed using microcontroller along with real time clock (RTC) and Light Dependent Resistance (LDR)[4].

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Final project report on Solar street light 1. i Darshil H Shah Vinit G Parikh A PROJECT REPORT Submitted By Darshil Shah (IU1241090051) Vinit Parikh (IU1241090031) Department of Electronics & communication Indus Institute of Engineering and Technology Ahmedabad November 2015 Under The guidance of Prof. Omkar Pabbati Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto intensity control

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the street light system, where the programming language used for developing the software of the microcontroller is Clanguage. Under voltage and - over voltage scheme is taken care which is an essential part of any solar street lamp. The research aims to reduce the side effects of the current street lighting system, and find a solution to save ...

Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights and Its Working

Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights Circuit and Working. The main goal of this project is to control the intensity of a street light and also decrease the usage of electricity in the street lights by using LEDs in the place of HID lamps.

Auotmatic Street Lights Control Using LDR and Arduino

In Auotmatic Street Lights Control Using LDR and Arduino I want to make it for 3 LEDs so, what should I do ? What will be circuit diagram ?


street lamp. Based on the consideration of previous work and street lighting problem, the improvement of street lighting control system was proposed by using Arduino microcontroller system. The Arduino microcontroller system has some advantages such as inexpensive, easy to run the programming, simple and clear programming environment,